What Is A Flue?

A while back, I messaged one of our masons that we had a client who needed to have a flute on their chimney fixed. Thankfully, although it would have been the perfect opportunity to do a deep dive into chop-busting, our mason chose otherwise and was relatively tame with the snarky remarks that ensued and […]

Why Chimney Maintenance Is SO Important

When it comes to the Holiday Season, it should be obvious why chimney maintenance is so important. After all, if you have a heavier-set gentleman, in an enormous red & white suit, toting around large packages in a sack behind him, who – by any means necessary – is laser-focused on squeezing down your chimney, […]

Painting Chimneys – The Ultimate Roll of the Dice

If you were to take a stroll down any street in a densely populated residential area, depending of course upon where you are strolling, you may notice varying degrees of people who have the chimneys on their home painted. While I am known to say things along the lines of “We will paint pretty much […]