Baker Staging

Unique names which are synonymous with the contracting trades are always fun things for me to delve into the origins of.

‘Baker Staging’ is no exception to this.

Years ago, seemingly every time we utilized it, I attempted to piece together in my mind, why this particular type of apparatus was called ‘Baker Staging’.

Have you ever seen a big house being built or repaired? A cool piece of equipment which helps workers work on these houses, especially up high, is called ‘Baker Staging’, and even though it might sound like it’s about baking, it’s actually about working on houses!

But why is it called ‘Baker Staging’? To find out, let’s proceed to dive into the story of how this helpful tool got its name.

A long time ago, there was a clever builder named ‘Baker’. He was VERY good at building things, and he wanted to make it easier for folks to work on tall parts of homes. When homes are being built, obviously the walls can go up pretty high, and builders need a safe and steady platform to stand on while they do their work.

Baker had a bright idea. He designed a special platform made of strong materials such as wood and metal. This platform could be attached to the side of the house. It gave builders a safe place to stand, almost like a stage for them to do their building “performance.”

When other builders saw what Baker had made, they thought it was fantastic. They wanted to give credit to the smart builder who came up with this helpful idea. So, they decided to call it ‘Baker Staging’ to remember him and his brilliant invention.

Now, let’s picture a house being built or repaired in general. The walls are going up, and the workers need to access certain parts which may be a bit tricky to get to. That’s when Baker Staging comes into play. It’s like a strong ladder that goes up the side of a house. On this ladder, the builders attach the platform that Baker designed. This platform becomes their safe and solid spot to stand while they do their magic.

If builders and tradespeople didn’t have Baker Staging. They may have a much harder time reaching the higher parts of the house. They might have to balance on wobbly ladders or find other tricky ways to do their work. But with Baker Staging, they can work comfortably and safely, just like being on a stage.

Baker Staging’s diversity as a tool is exemplified as it is able to be used both when houses are originally being built and when they need fixing or painting during the course of their life thereafter. Imagine needing to paint the second-story windows of the inside front foyer of a house. Baker Staging allows painters to stand on the platform and reach these high spots without any trouble.

With the integration of self-locking casters, outriggers, and stabilizers, Baker Staging increases its usefulness by allowing workers to safely reach higher areas in the middle of a room vs. only utilizing it when working along walls.

The next time you see a big house being built and notice a platform attached to the side of it or happen to come across an erected piece of staging sitting in the middle of a high-ceilinged room being worked on, remember that it might very well be Baker Staging! Named after a bright builder named Baker, this invention helps workers work high up in the air while staying safe and steady and having absolutely zero to do with baking in the traditional sense whatsoever.

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